New York Metro InfraGard Members Alliance

"Resilience for Cyber Security Among Electric Utilities" - April 24th

InfraGard's NY Metro and Hudson Valley Chapters are proud to co-produce the Energy Summit "Resilience for Cyber Security Among Electric Utilities" to be hosted by NY Power Authority located in Westchester County, NY.

InfraGard 20th Anniversary Challenge Coin

  InfraGard 20th Anniversary Challenge Coins can be purchased in person at any of our NY Metro InfraGard summits. Cost is $15 per coin.

Dick Wolf's USA Network Docuseries "Inside the FBI: New York"

INLETS: INtelligence and Law Enforcement Training Seminar

INLETS is the INtelligence and Law Enforcement Training Seminar that provides violent crimes and terrorism training to state/local law enforcement, analytical personnel and InfraGard members (regardless of chapter) who are security/risk professionals.

The 2nd annual INLETS New Orleans will be held April 10-14 and features presentations about the terror attacks in France (from the French National Police), Ferguson, MO forensic case study, Boston Marathon bombing, and many more. The "Tribute to Heroes" evening program will be held at the National World War II Museum and includes keynote speaker Captain Richard Phillips. (Special thanks to ILMA President Lester Millet for supporting INLETS coming to New Orleans for a 2nd year!)

The 7th annual INLETS Annapolis will be held June 19-23 and has a predator-themed agenda which will address stalking, the path to radicalization, human trafficking, the Darknet and more, Keynote presenter Mark "Oz" Geist will tell his story of "13 Hours: the Secret Soldiers of Bengahzi" during the "Tribute to Heroes" evening program.

For more information on each session's agenda, hotel, seminar cost, and registration, please go to

INLETS is a collaborative effort between the FBI, state level fusion centers in Maryland and Louisiana, and the InfraGardNCR and Louisiana Member Alliances.

C3VP-FBI Collaboration

The Department of Homeland Security's (DHS) Critical Infrastructure Cyber Community, or C3, Voluntary Program was created to help organizations of all sizes and from all sectors use the Cybersecurity Framework to improve their cyber resilience.  The C3 Voluntary Program connects these organizations with cyber risk management capabilities provided by DHS, other U.S. Government organizations, and the private sector.  The C3 Voluntary Program looks forward to working more closely with InfraGard in 2017 to help organizations across the Nation strengthen their cybersecurity and risk management.

         Visit the C3 Voluntary Program website, where you can find 40+ free, easy to use cybersecurity resources.

o   Learn about the Cyber Resilience Review and conduct a free assessment.

o   Download Framework Implementation Guidance, currently available for 8 of the 16 critical infrastructure sectors.

o   Download the Small and Midsize Business Toolkit, specifically tailored to help smaller organizations strengthen their cybersecurity.

o   Visit the State, Local, Tribal, and Territorial (SLTT) Government page, where you can find the SLTT Toolkit and resources specific to your geographic area.

         Sign up for the monthly C3 Voluntary Program bulletin to stay informed about upcoming events, program updates, and new resources.  Scroll to “Subscribe to Alerts” function at the bottom of the website.

         Get in touch: Write to to invite the Program to an event, or to share resources and best practices.

Malware Investigator
There is some confusion when an InfraGard member goes to and selects the InfraGard channel, it drops back to the InfraGard secure portal home page. Note: the InfraGard member needs to be already logged into the InfraGard portal for the proper redirection to take place.

Government, business, and individual participation in the FBI's InfraGard Program continually unifies efforts to protect and enhance our nation's critical infrastructure. Members of these communities are encouraged to share their industry's workflow, lessons learned, and best practices through social and business-related events.

Learn Essential Info
InfraGard offers valuable learning opportunities throughout the City of New York as well as online. NY Metro InfraGard Alliance has hosted hundreds of on-location events in places such as the NY FBI Field Office, Federal Reserve Bank of NY, Morgan Stanley, Cisco Systems Inc., utility companies, universities, and many others

Protect Our Infrastructure
Individuals protect our country! One person can make a difference. Since our nation is comprised of systems (people, businesses, buildings, highways, farms, communications, etc.), it is important to sustain and continually improve system operations. One way to ensure these systems continue to benefit the people, is to protect them from natural disaster, human error or terror; and set up recovery actions in the event misfortune can not be avoided. The protection of our nation is a collaborative effort in which all citizens hold some level responsibility. Your contribution(s) are absolutely invaluable. Join InfraGard Today!

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