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New York Metro InfraGard Members Alliance

President's Corner

Our upcoming members-only meeting will be May 21: Today's Security Risks - Recommendations for Risk Mitigation

  • Domestic/International Terrorism (Homegrown, ISIS, Al Qaeda)
  • Cyber Security (Develop partnerships with IT)
  • Impact of Social Media (Cyber bully, investigations)
  • Violence in the Workplace (Active-shooter)
  • Travel Health (Ebola, Flu)
If you are a NY Metro InfraGard member, please check your mailbox for registration information.

Our first annual multi-organizational event, known as the NY Metro Joint Cyber Security Conference, was an overwhelming success with over 300 attendees and participation from the following security organizations: InfraGard, ISACA, ISSA, CSA, (ISC)2 and OWASP. As we ramp up for NYMJCSC 2015, we will be asking for your participation again. Stay tuned!

Please join us in welcoming our newest FBI coordinator Michael Migliaccio to the NY Metro InfraGard program!

Government, business, and individual participation in the FBI's InfraGard Program continually unifies efforts to protect and enhance our nation's critical infrastructure. Members of these communities are encouraged to share their industry's workflow, lessons learned, and best practices through social and business-related events.

Learn Essential Info
InfraGard offers valuable learning opportunities throughout the City of New York as well as online. NY Metro InfraGard Alliance has hosted hundreds of on-location events in places such as the NY FBI Field Office, Federal Reserve Bank of NY, Morgan Stanley, Cisco Systems Inc., utility companies, universities, and many others

Protect Our Infrastructure
Individuals protect our country! One person can make a difference. Since our nation is comprised of systems (people, businesses, buildings, highways, farms, communications, etc.), it is important to sustain and continually improve system operations. One way to ensure these systems continue to benefit the people, is to protect them from natural disaster, human error or terror; and set up recovery actions in the event misfortune can not be avoided. The protection of our nation is a collaborative effort in which all citizens hold some level responsibility. Your contribution(s) are absolutely invaluable. Join InfraGard Today!

Our Public Sector Coordinators

FBI Special Agent
Michael Migliaccio
(212) 384-1000
  DHS Protective Security Advisors
Joseph Tadrick
Kevin Peterson